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Let RLG assist you and your family with any guardianship or special needs planning that you may need for a loved one. We are experienced with court appointments where we are asked to represent the “Alleged Incapacitated Person” or “AIP”. We have also represented several proposed guardians to submit guardianship petitions to the court so that they can take over the responsibility of caring for the AIP. Parents are often surprised to hear that they need to petition the court to become guardians of their special needs son or daughter when he or she turns 18, but that is how the current legal landscape is. When medical or financial decisions need to be made, parents are often not allowed to make such decisions without the guardianship letters.

We have also handled guardianship cases for adult children of incapacitated parents, who are often heartbroken when they find out that if the parent had established an estate plan with a proper General Durable Power of Attorney executed before they became incapacitated, the expensive process of petitioning for guardianship and subsequent posting of a bond could have been avoided.

Finally, our experience in special needs planning is extensive. We can guide families with special needs members who are receiving government benefits. Let us help you ensure that any assets coming to such family members either now or in the future are properly housed in specialized special needs trusts to continue their eligibility for these important benefits. Knowledge and experience in this type of planning is limited to only a few attorneys and firms who practice in this area of law. RLG is one such firm with the expertise to assist you in setting up the right type of trust for you and your family.