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Estate Planning

The saying “there is nothing certain in life except death and taxes” speaks a sad truth that we all have to face. But nothing is worse than leaving this earth and leaving your family with a quagmire of estate issues because of poor planning. We have seen countless families deal with completely avoidable burdens upon the death of a loved one – be it the posting of a bond, paying additional death taxes, searching for unknown assets, or dealing with complicated assets passed on to the estate without clear direction. We know estate planning is important; we know it takes a bit of discipline, and that the answers are relatively simple on how to achieve our goals – yet we continually seem to put this off for another day! And once the inevitable happens, the family is left not only grieving the loss of their loved one, but also facing a mass of legal paperwork requiring immediate attention.

We tell our clients who come to us for assistance to leave their burdens for us to handle. Our first and foremost goal is to try and shoulder as much of the details as we can so you don’t have to. We can help find assets, perform judgment searches, advise on the handling of retirement or pension accounts, prepare filing the estate and/or inheritance tax returns (both federal and state), and much more. We want to be here for you in your time of need.

RLG is equipped to help your family with assets both here in the United States as well as those that may be overseas. We will guide the family on how to properly pass the estate down to the lawful beneficiaries and ensure the timely filings of the estate tax returns. We will also coordinate with your CPA and other advisors to ensure that taxes and finances are addressed.